First what good old Ted is up to:

Yesterday we kept hearing something falling and scrapping, but no matter where the guys looked they found nothing. We finally decided it must be ice falling off the trees. Wrong!
This morning dh and I were up at 4:00 am to get ready for a full day of doctor appointments and such when there was a pretty big crash that actually seemed to shake the house a bit. It turns out we had an earthquake and it made us thankful we did.
This time dh was certain it came from the basement. He goes to look and discovers in this 5 days of rain our sump pump had gone out. We now have an indoor pond for a basement two foot deep in water. Deep enough the tables we had down there were so wet that when the quake hit they collapsed dumping everything into the water.
Soo Ted was laughing his fool head off at us. Me I am thinking, Okay, this was one area we have not decluttered yet because it was so overwhelming to try and get down there to sort, and we never seemed to have the time. Problem solved. It all has to go now, no sorting, it’s all soaked and pretty much past salvaging.
Being the wicked girl I am I also thought “thank goodness for my surgery, now I don’t have to help, because I cannot be in such unclean surroundings or lift anything over 10 pounds for five more weeks.” That stuff has to all be out of there by this weekend now. I am such a bad little Pollyanna.
I did tell Gary to just get the new sump pump going to drain the thing then just bring it all up in small containers he can haul to the dump and just forget about sorting. Guess what he and ds will be doing this week. He is installing the new sump pump as we speak. It seems some woodland creature had chewed the wires up on the old pump. So once everything else is done he will be able to rewire it and we’ll have a back up pump.
Now for the good news, the reason Ted is so angry. I got my main pathology reports yesterday from the surgeries, I have held my breath afraid I’d jinx it, but today one of the 3 member surgical team verified it, while reminding me I still need to get the official word from the oncology surgeon it looks like I am totally CANCER FREE! There are still a couple of tests out, but they are basically ones to verify the first results.
The testing today showed the damage accidentally done to my bladder during surgery was successfully repaired and my extra hardware I’ve been wearing for 9 days is no longer needed. You have no idea how happy that made me.
Because of what I learned handling dh’s medical bills earlier this year I know how to handle the insurance company and medicare to be zero out of pocket on my over $100,000 of medical bills now. Just waiting for one certain claim to be filed and then the bills that are coming in fast and furious will all get paid. I am telling all the doctors I want all testing completed before Dec 31, 2015 for certain.
The testing for urology today was the last of it.
Oh and I forgot to mention that just as this started dh found out that he was one of the select few that received half of the pay cut from a few months ago back (ds got his in the form of a pay raise a couple of months ago).
We used the money from the first return of pay check to pay the property taxes on the house rather than withdraw it from the sinking fund we had set up for that. All our 2015 property taxes and insurance are now all paid.