I’m a story teller, but I’ll try and keep this brief

I’m very familiar with FPU. I’m in the middle of a divorce and have huge (for me) credit card/loan bills. I haven’t been able to pay on the credit cards for the last few months because I’m struggling just to keep the four walls up. When I’ve called to update my status to the CC companies, and explain why I haven’t been able to make payments, a couple of them have wanted me to chat with one of their “counselors”. They say that their counselors just ask more details about my situation.

I seem to remember Dave saying that they’re basically just setting up and getting ready to sue. They have said that if I don’t chat with them, they reserve the right to “force” the card to close, which apparently is worse than me closing it myself. I know that’s all FICO-ese, but before the divorce, my ex and I were told to get a CC so we could get a FICO score by one of Dave’s mortgage people (Churh Hill Mortgage; we questioned the person, but they said it was really the only way after the 2008 meltdown).

Background: the divorce is “Biblically Sanctioned”; she had an 18 month affair with her high-school sweetheart. When I found out, she wanted back in the relationship, but I basically didn’t want to stick around for act 2.

She moved with the kids 300 miles away to be with her “support system” (HS sweet heart), so for a year and a half, I only saw the children for two full days a month while I looked for work where she was. I spoke with lawyers about the situation, but by the time I could breath again, they said if I went to court to have the children returned to me, it ~probably~ wouldn’t happen because of the number of months that had passed.

I finally found a great job that’s close to them and we share 50/50 custody, but the salary is $6500 less a year, and rent is $1656 a year more. I tried to look for cheaper places to live, but didn’t have the time while moving, and two cheaper places that I put my name in accepted other renters before me.

My attorney is trying to get my support payments down based on my lower salary, and my ex’s new job, but she’s stalling on supplying her documentation. She’s been subpoenaed, and has supplied some of the requirements, but my attorney hasn’t reviewed everything yet.

I’ve been looking for part-time work, but nothing has worked out.

So my question is; when I chat with the CC people, should I agree to speak with their counselors, or just tell them that I’ll be in touch when I can pay?